Am I Really an Entrepreneur?



Your Calling In Work: How To Discover & Amplify It

This 3-session course leverages biblical principles and best business practices to ensure that you are experiencing an accelerated and sustainable journey in your work.

The course explores topics including the connection between your work, calling, entrepreneurial capacity, and even worship.

Our goal is for you to complete the course with a renewed vision for your work, along with a plan to accomplish what God has ahead for you — all to the glory of God and to the benefit of those with whom God providentially brings into the path of your daily living.

If God is the first entrepreneur, and He made me in his image ... does that make me an entrepreneur, too?


Session Materials

1: The Imprint of an Entrepreneurial God

If you believe that we are made in God’s image and likeness, it is prudent to observe how God himself goes about what he does. We’ll uncover the entrepreneurial imprint in His work, and ask how we can mimic it in ours.

Session Audio

2: Assessing & Integrating Your Entrepreneurial DNA, Spiritual Gifts & Love Gaps

Discover the fearful and wonderful design with which you were made. This session is designed to prepare you to build your roadmap in Session 3.

Session Audio

3: The Roadmap To Accelerated Growth & Fulfilling Work

Self-imposed resistance is the greatest cause of failure for a would-be “God glorifier” at work. This session is designed to assist you in getting in the center of God’s will, the most thrilling place to be.

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