February Teaching: Building Your Team

Christian Business Fellowship February Teaching Building Team

Preview A New Series Coming To A Christian Business Fellowship Near You! If you are going to build your business, remember this one thing! Your job is to build people. It is that simple. As a boss, your job should be to serve and lead the people on your team. In this month’s Christian Business…

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Free Membership Offer: Revenue Roadmap Bonus

Christian Business Fellowship Free Membership Offer- Revenue Roadmap Bonus

Do you have a strategy for your revenue? Most businesses don’t! Understanding this one thing will help you grow your sales, speak more clearly to your prospects, and move forward confidently into the 2023 year. At Christian Business Fellowship, we’re dedicated to helping your business succeed! So, when you join your local Christian Business Fellowship…

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Coming This January: Starting A New Business

Christian Business Fellowship Getting Started With A New Business

Preview A New Series Coming To A Christian Business Fellowship Near You! The one thing to recognize when starting a new business is that you are not going to know it all. You won’t be all knowing. You’ll never have it perfect. It is always changing! In this month’s video, we’ll be learning about starting…

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Coming This Fall: What Is Your Calling?

Christian Business Fellowship Calling

Preview A New Series Coming To A Christian Business Fellowship Near You! This 3-session course leverages biblical principles and best business practices to ensure that you are experiencing an accelerated and sustainable journey in your work. Can’t wait? View the series resources here for the What Is Your Calling? series.

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Letting God Love It Away

You may not be getting enough love Addressing the symptom, but not the problem I have the wonderful privilege of being a part of a men’s Bible Study every Friday morning. We study together, we laugh and cry together, and we are always praying for each other. This last Friday when each of us were…

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Webinar Special Guest Joe Slawek

We’re excited to have Joe Slawek on our webinar on May 20th and wanted to share his bio with our members. Joe Slawek truly grew up in the flavor business. This early foundation, learning the ins and outs of the business from the ground up helped create the man who would transform the industry. As…

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New Grant Info for Online Ads

In our most recent webinar guest CEO Lauren Young from Content Defined shared with our guests about several unique opportunities to take advantage of online advertising grants. We wanted to get that info posted for you. Facebook Ads Funding Up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries where we operate will be…

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Quarantine Day 15 – A Poem

Quarantine Day 15   Slowly, slowly, slowly, stop. No cars are humming no places to shop. Distractions ending, no one spending, my paycheck pending, seems like much is ending.   I wake, get dresses and make my bed, the routines in life has helped my head. The computer, the internet, my daily friend. I stare…

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Legal Primer on COVID-19

Congress has passed three laws – Emergency Funding Bill (March 6); Families First Coronavirus Response Act (March 18) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (March 26).   Families First went into effect today (April 1) and requires paid leave for employees impacted by COVID-19.  A poster must be posted explaining rights.  As…

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