Experiencing God’s "nearness" in Business

When do you most experience God being “near you”?

Numbers 16 gives a powerful and unusual understanding of God’s “nearness”.

Korah, along with 250 community leaders, came against Moses’ leadership. They were not content with the role God had given them… and even wanted the priesthood of Aaron. Four times in the text… God’s “nearness” is mentioned (Nu 16:5,9,10).

Because of their pride, grumbling, and unwillingness to accept God’s designed plan for them… the ground opened up and all of them were consumed.

The lesson is clear: we most experience God’s “nearness” when we do what we are created to do. Each of us has a role God has given us… it may be leadership in a business, working in a Church Ministry, or serving at home… but God has a unique role for each of us. “Nearness” to God is most experienced when we are using our gifts in the role God has chosen for us.

Korah and his rebellious crew… failed to learn this lesson, and pursued something other than God’s best for them (Nu 16:9-10). As a result, they experienced God’s anger.

Psalm 84 gives us an interesting twist to this story… as the psalmist writes:

“I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”
Psalm 84:10


This psalm was written by the “sons of Korah”. His descendants learned from his mistakes.

Think honestly about this question… when do you most experience God’s “nearness”? Learn to experience God’s unique role for you and thus his “nearness”… and then do it with all your heart!