The Transcending Power of a Win-Theme

A current and live portrayal of the power of a Win-Theme

(Note, Christian Business Fellowship (CBF) does not endorse or repudiate any political figure. CBF endorses only one individual, Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of lords. CBF’s neutral position on all political discussions, candidates, and policies does not prohibit her from choosing to capitalize on the current popularity of a certain Win theme that is very prevalent in the news in order to illustrate and demonstrate the impact on a business of a well-crafted Win-Theme.)

CBF instructs and coaches business leaders on how and when to utilize a Win-Theme in marketing their business for the purpose of both distinguishing and differentiating them and/or their Offerings from those of their competitors. A Win-Theme has the power to set the sales dialog forcing competitors to come to your discussion’s battle ground coercing them to talk about what you want them to talk about. If done early in sales campaign and done well, it even has the power to define a competitor before they can define themselves putting them in a defensive and weakened position.

A Win-Theme is a Sales Mantra, a Sales Slogan or even a Sales Chant. It is designed to be short, simple, and memorable. It is intended to elicit emotion to coalesce support for your solution. The purpose of this article is to call the reader’s attention the “historic” use of the “Make America Great Again” Win-Theme used by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign. It is similar in power to President Obama’s Win-Theme of “Hope and Change” in its differentiating power during his presidential campaign. But there are some unique differences worth calling attention to for the purpose of illustrating the power of a Win-Theme.

Transcending Power over a Flawed Candidate:

At the time of his election, Donald Trump’s unfavorability rating of 79% was the highest in recorded history of any presidential candidate. With that rating, logic would suggest that people would not vote for him, but because of the transcending power of his “Make America Great Again” Win-Theme, he emotionally enrolled voter support in spite of his high unfavorability rating. In other words, people were willing to put up with Donald Trump, the flawed man, in order to “Make America Great Again”. A publically acknowledged imperfect candidate was saved by the transcending power of his Win-Theme.

Transcending Power over a Single Event in Time:

Not only did the “Make America Great Again” Win-Theme play a decisive role in determining the outcome of the election, it continues after the election to empower the new president’s implementation plan. Its transcending power enables the president to advance his agenda after the election gaining public and congressional support. It continues to focus the public on the “cause” and not the candidate. It’s transcending power defects attention from the imperfect presidential leader to the nobler cause of “Making America Great Again”.

Transcending Power over the Ownership of a Single Individual:

Coupled with the genius of the “hat-effect”, the “Make America Great Again” Win-Theme escaped the limitations of being owned by just one individual (Donald Trump) and gave birth to a movement propelled by a swelling congregation of inspired “believers.”. This was accomplished, in large part, by the ingenious plan to put the Win-Theme on a baseball cap and pass them out by the thousands to people attracted by the sheer merit of the “Make America Great Again Win-Theme. And every time an individual put on that hat, they became a part owner of the Win-Theme’s future impact on history. And this multiplication of ownership spawned a movement that sweep Donald Trump into the Presidency and into the History books of the future.