Is your Business Propelled by “Rescue” Power?

Did you know that there is an unnatural order of power available for every business Leader? This power can and will accelerate you on the road to success, big time! It gives the business owner an incredible way to capture competitive advantage in a dog-eat-dog-world provided by an unseen, but very real force. Those who do not understand, and there are many, may even call it an “unfair” advantage. They will be scratching their heads and wondering how you are doing it.

Allow me to explain, but first, let’s start by getting these seven relevant facts straight:

Fact #1: God created a perfect world in a perfect resistance-free universe that ran flawlessly
without problems or challenges! (Wow, wouldn’t that have been nice!)

Fact #2: Adam and Eve screwed it up big time and brought a curse on “work” that introduced problems and resistance that affects every business leader until this very day. (Yuck!)

Fact #3: God, being omniscient, was not caught off guard and had a “rescue” plan ready as a remedy to thwart resistance. (Yay God!)

Fact #4: Jesus, God’s son and remedy, volunteered to come to earth on a “Rescue” mission to turn the tide on the “curse” of resistance that was aimed against labor, making it difficult for every business leader in history. (Whew! There is help on the way!)

Fact #5: Satan, trying vainly to not be out done, orchestrated hapless men to put a sinless Jesus to death. (That was unfair and foul play that would only ensure continued resistance that would plague every business leader until this very day. Now what? But wait…)

Fact #6: On day three in the grave, we get to see and cheer the “Resurrection Power” that restored life to Jesus, destroying the ultimate resistance of Death. (Double Wow, I want some of that Restorative Power for my business!)

Fact #7 (Lucky seven): Jesus is still saying today as he did back then, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 This is by far, the best words ever spoken to us business leaders, it speaks directly to the resistance and promises relief to those gosh-awful resistance effects on us business leaders that exhaust us every business day. (Oh boy, I’m now filled with optimistic hope, tell me more!)

Now, this is where it gets really exciting. That very same “Rescue” power displayed by Christ in all of those miraculous healings and ultimately enabled Him to overcome the resistance of death can be shared in portion, to each of us as business leaders. We’ve been offered the unbelievable privilege of partnering with Jesus in his ongoing rescue mission. And it is simpler than you may think. It is a gift! It costs us nothing, but it costs us everything. We simply make Him Lord of our business!
Here is how it works, we allow Him to make our core motive all about “Rescuing”. As an example, we don’t any longer Sell things, we instead now Rescue people. We identify their resistance problems that they have and seek to rescue them from that problem. We stop selling and start rescuing, we are no longer sales people, and we are now rescue people. We have joined with Christ in the ministry of rescuing people in need. Or, put in the words of Christ, we target our business towards those who are in need and we develop products and services to rescue them. Make sense? (It is so simple, it’s easy to miss.)

And here is the good news, when we transform our businesses into a rescue business; we give them to God as a partnership with Christ in His ongoing business of rescuing people in need. As a result, we will have access to His rescue power. That’s means; your real satisfaction no longer comes from the money you make, but from the deep satisfaction knowing that you are rescuing people, and their businesses that are in crises. Your passion is in the “rescue” not the” reward.” That gives you prayer-power that enables you to neutralize the “resistance” curse put on businesses since the beginning of time. You’ve just been plugged into Rescue Power! Because of that, God will bless you and your business!!!!!