A Growing and Exciting “MOVEMENT’ has been Born!

From the very earliest days of the conception of Christian Business Fellowship (CBF), the founders were not interested in just providing excellent training/teaching events where original, fresh and pragmatic concepts and tools were being given to aspiring Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.  We wanted much more. Because of our deep and abiding faith that committed Christ-followers have a God-given edge and a God-given promise that enables them to be abundantly more successful in their business.  We wanted to give birth to a “movement” that would sweep across all businesses represented in all churches all around the world. It would be a “Movement” that would result in Christ being glorified in the daily grind and trenches where business was being done differently, not just better. It would bring our living Christ into the muck and dirt of the business ditches where the real work of conducting business is being executed on a minute by minute basis. It would release the voice and presence of Christ from behind the sacred walls of our church buildings on Sunday.  It would permit Him daily to occupy the intense business dealings and decisions that often occur in the darkness exactly where his light can shine the very brightest. It is precisely here that Christ said that He desperately wants to be, and we are each thrilled to take Him with us so we can be there with Him. We want to be in business with Christ, not just for Him.

To make the CBF “calling” a reality, we knew that we had to enable the Power of His Word, and the Power of his sold-out People engage in business activity. That is why the CBF meetings are conducted the way they are. We want God’s people to openly discuss tough business issues and high-risk business decisions. That is why you’ve been invited to join us in CBF on the front lines of business and hear from your committed CBF colleagues what God has to say about how to “Do Business Differently.” And that is why we want to build your business with you. And as that continues to happen in our CBF meetings, it will be said of you as it was said of those individuals in times of old, “They were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” (Acts 4:13b) And when your customers, vendors, employees and even your competitors say that about you, the many prayers of the founders and leaders of CBF are being answered in you! You have become part of the CBF Movement!

Lookout 2017 and you business-as-usual world, we are the Christian Business Fellowship and we do business differently and here we come!