Clearing the Fog

Have you ever been dumbfounded wondering “why do people act like they want my product or service but don’t buy?” Well, there could be many many reasons, but here are a few to ask yourself as a baseline for what should be done.

  1. Are you connecting with people? Remember this simple truth. If people don’t like and trust you, they will NEVER work with you, even if they need the product or service.
  2. Are you weird? It is amazing how many people don’t pick up on social and environmental ques. The simple concept of “mirroring” your client and environment makes you “fit” into their environment. In other words, if they speak fast, do you speak a little faster, like them? If they are more casual, are you more casual? Bottomline, “normal” is in the mind of each person. If you are outside of their “normal” you are officially weird.
  3. Are you meeting with people to use them to help you reach your goals, or are you there to help them reach their goals? When you stop putting yourself first and go to serve them, they will notice and want to do business with you. After all, the 2nd greatest commandment, is to do for others how you would want them to do for you. God always gets it right.