Quarantine Day 15 – A Poem

Quarantine Day 15


Slowly, slowly, slowly, stop.

No cars are humming no places to shop.

Distractions ending, no one spending,

my paycheck pending, seems like much is ending.


I wake, get dresses and make my bed,

the routines in life has helped my head.

The computer, the internet, my daily friend.

I stare at the screen wondering when this will end.


I am left with myself with more time and less space.

I look in the mirror and examine my face.

Maybe when this is all done,

I will step outside and forget how to have fun.


To laugh, to hug, to run, to dream,

to hold, to sing, to dance to scream.

Maybe when this corona virus is contained,

I will have met myself in the mundane.


The silence, the sunset, the wind and the rain,

have drawn me to my creator without refrain.

“Where are you Lord, I don’t’ understand?”

You have silenced the earth and we are mere man.


I formed you child and I wanted you to see

the reflection of myself in your mere me.

I wanted you to stop to slow down and see

the beauty around you and commune with me.


In your quiet house in the mundane,

I am with you always without refrain.

Come to me and let’s dine at the table.

You will never be alone, and I am able.


I love you my child our communion is free.

A gift from your father for all eternity.

Learn from this moment I am not a distraction.

I am your life.  Your only true satisfaction.


-By Dr. Renee Gilman