New Grant Info for Online Ads

In our most recent webinar guest CEO Lauren Young from Content Defined shared with our guests about several unique opportunities to take advantage of online advertising grants. We wanted to get that info posted for you.

Facebook Ads Funding

Up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries where we operate will be able to receive the grant. To be eligible to apply, your business must:

  1. Have between 2 and 50 employees
  2. Have been in business for over a year
  3. Have experienced challenges from COVID-19
  4. Be in or near a location where Facebook operates

Google Ads Funding

$340 million in Google Ads credits available to all SMBs with active accounts over the past year. Credit notifications will appear in their Google Ads accounts and can be used at any point until the end of 2020 across our advertising platforms.